Founded in 1999 as tribology services and sells the wide variety test instrument for used oil/fuel analysis – Kittiwake Development UK (now Parker Kittiwake).


Oil Analysis

In-service or Used Oil testing equipment and sampling systems. On-Board, In-Line, On-Site and Off-Site solutions for a wide variety of lube and grease parameters.

Condition Monitoring

Providing on-line, on-site solutions, and remote systems for the condition monitoring of critical plant, marine, and industrial machinery. 

Upgrade Control

Up-to-date  your industrial control systems with better components, easy to find locally and improve efficiency.


Industrial automation, is the now, and the future, for manufacturers, designers and administrators of every industry.


Service and modifications of building, power plant, marine, and industrial machinery. 

Tech Supply

Ultra high-pressure hydraulics systems up to 4000 bar.

Diesel engine controller, ATS, AMF, and remote I/O. 

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